Yanapuma Foundation sustainable community development projects for volunteers and interns in Ecuador
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Sustainable Community Development


Yanapuma Foundation is a Scottish NGO, founded in June of 2009. Our aim is to support
the work of our parent non-profit of the same name in Ecuador in South America.

Yanapuma works in Ecuador with indigenous and marginalized communities to promote integrated sustainable development. We use participatory methodologies and processes
in order to promote self-reliance and autonomy among the communities that we work with.
Thus it is not Yanapuma that is “doing” sustainable development, but the communities themselves with the support of our foundation. These are by definition slow processes of
social change that require attention to cultural differences and a great deal of patience. But
the result is genuine sustainable development.

Another important aspect of the work of Yanapuma is to foster cultural exchange and
awareness, particularly among the younger generation. We are interested to hear from
teachers and other community leaders who are interested in the Global Dimension in
education as a means of increasing the awareness of the inter-relation between citizens of developed and developing countries and the responsibilities that each has towards the
other.  We seek to develop more direct forms of communication that will have mutual benefit
for both parties.

In Ecuador we follow a "social enterprise" model, running our own Spanish school and volunteering activities that provide core funding for the work of the foundation, and supplying funds that we can use to supplement our externally funded projects.

Programme Areas:

Yanpuma works across 4 principal axes in an integrated program of sustainable development. These are -

  • Agriculture and environment,
  • Education and capacity building,
  • Health and well being,
  • Sustainable economies.

We see all these areas as related in one way or another and strive to develop complementary projects in each area as resources and funding permit. To learn more about our work please refer to our principal website: Sustainable development in Ecuador!




While Spanish is the predominant language spoken in South American countries like Ecuador, there are in fact over 14 distinct languages spoken by the indigenous people there.

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About Yanapuma in Ecuador

Yanapuma Foundation and Spanish School
is a non-profit NGO based in Quito, Ecuador, dedicated to sustainable development for indigenous and marginalized communities. All profits from our school go towards this work . . . (learn more)

volunteer in a sustainable community development project in health in the indigenous community of Bua in Ecuador

Inaugurating an integrated community
health centre in October 2009.

volunteers can work in Ecuador in sustainable development projects along the Pacific coast

Local produce in Estero de Plátano on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador


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